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This is my (largely, outdated and not much relevant today) online shopping experience. YMMV.

what is good what is bad delivery (to Czech Rep., unless specified otherwise) last purchase(s)
abebooks (belongs to amazon) Seems to contain books not available elsewhere; lightning fast compared to others; lowest prices in many cases. 4 times (last time at December 2004) the order was cancelled as the book turned out to be unavailable. 11$ for one book to Iceland, 1 week to the Holy Land Wehrfritz, Infinite Linear Groups, Oct 4 2007
akaikutsu quick and friendly communication   1485 yen for 1 book, 20 days (to Iceland) Rowen, Polynomial Identities in Ring Theory, Sep 18 2008
alibris Many fine cheap (used) math and computer books. Some items in their catalog result in "we don't have this book anymore" message. Two times (last time at December 18, 2004), orders were cancelled for the same reason. Do not combine shipping costs within one order, even from the same seller. 7.49$ per book (to the Holy Land), more than 1 month (to the Low Land) Robert Chazan, European Jewry and the First Crusade, May 17 2005
amazon Answer emails during one day; ship books inside one order separately (when some books take more time to get) without additional charge; provide sample pages for many books; lowest prices in many cases. Site is getting more and more moronic and barely usable. Truly Orwellian traditions powered by amazing 1-click technology; shipments charges even from the same associated seller are not combined; seems that it's cheaper to order from associated sellers directly than through the core amazon. from associated sellers: 12.49$ per book, 1 month; from the core amazon: 23$ for 4 books (to the Holy Land) Computers in Nonassociative Rings and Algebras, AP, 1977, Mar 18 2011
amazon.uk Notify about delay with an order. Ship books inside one order separately (when some books takes more time to get) without additional charge. Do refund if the shipment was not delivered and sent back by post. No reasonable way to communicate with them. 5.84 GBP for 2 books; about 2 weeks 5 replacement wheels for office chair, Jun 17 2015
AMS bookstoreRegular sales. Reship lost orders. Do not ship non-book paraphernalia outside US. Search on the site is broken. At the end of 2014-beginning of 2015, failed to deliver twice an ordered book. 9.75$ per book; 1.5-2 months Golden Years of Moscow Mathematics, 2nd ed., Nov 14 2018
cafepressabundance of cool t-shirts sending spam 27$ for 6 t-shirts, 3-4 weeks (to Iceland) 6 t-shirts, Sep 13 2008
ebay Bargain prices At January 2003, suspended account by mistakenly associating it with some supposedly malicious entity. Emails are either ignored or conducted by nonsensical semi-robots. An order from UK, Aug 2015 hasn't arrived. from UK: between one week and one month; from Germany and Spain: a few days; from US: 8 days; from China: 0.5-1.5 months; shipping charges vary Edible playing cards, July 17 2019
Editorial URSSLot of old Soviet scientific books, lot of both original and translations of modern Russian books to western languages for very affordable prices. Despite .ru address, one pays actually in Spain. sowa praised it at September 2009. Email communication is erratic. Double standard in prices for Russian and foreign customers. The prices for modern Russian books are 2-3 times higher than on ozon. Separate shipping for "direct" and "delayed" orders (what is not apparent from the web site). Persistent errors during online payment attempts at Mar 25 2005. Do not display Russian titles if searching via English interface. 17 EUR for 5 books, 13-15 EUR for 3 books, 9 EUR for 1-2 books, between 20 days and 2 months (to the Low Land) Bourbaki VI-VIII, Kolmogorov-Fomin, Kurosh, "Lekcii po obshchei algebre", Milnor & Husemoller, "Symmetric bilinear forms", Plotkin et al., "Elementy algebraicheskoi teorii avtomatov", August 5 2004
Heldermann VerlagVery quick, informal and pleasant communication   0 EUR (or, put it another way, prices already include shipping), one week (to the Low Land) J. Dauns, "A Concrete Approach to Division Rings" and "Recent Advances in Lie Theory", March 11 2003
ozonIt is possible to cancel an order after making it for a while Sending spam. Site is semi-disfunctional. 261 RUB for 1 book (to Moscow) Chebotarev, Teoriya grupp Lie and Suprunenko-Tyshkevich, Perestanovochnye matricy, Apr 14 2008
powells.comBig selection of cheap nice math out-of-print books.   5$ per order + 3$ per each book, 1.5-2 months (to the Low Land) Kemer, "Ideals of identities of associative algebras" and Jacobson, "Structure of Rings", Nov 13 2004
SpringerYearly Yellow Sale; seemingly have discount for Zentralblatt reviewers, though I never figured out how to utilize it.   5 EUR + 1.5 EUR for each additional book; 1 week (to the Low Land) Jacobson, "Finite-Dimensional Division Algebras" and "Combinatorial Group Theory and Applications to Geometry" surveys, April 10 2003
strandbooks.com  May 9, 2003: confused between similar Lecture Notes issues and sent a wrong one; one order was cancelled due to the book unavailability; seem totally fail to produce any meaningful email, including notification about cancelled orders and answer to complaints; sending spam. 5.95$ for one book, about 1 month (to the Low Land) Seminaire D'Algebre Paul Dubreil Et Marie-Paul Malliavin, Lecture Notes 924(1982), May 10 2003
toymonkey.com    2 weeks (to Iceland) Russian scrabble, Aug 29 2008
World ScientificReship lost orders. Very bad email communication. Mess with SSL certificates. At July 7, 2004, they cancelled 2 books from the 3-books order due to unavailability and informed about that by a regular mail (sic!). 1.23 GBP for 1 book, 4 GBP for two books, between 3 weeks and 2.5 months (to the Low Land) Selected papers of J.-L.Koszul and "Group theory in physics", Oct 19 2004
Zentrales Verzeichnis Antiquarischer Bücher (aka choosebooks.com)Search through many bookstores. No online payments. Some mysterious German charge of 7% seemingly applies. 5.15 EUR for 2 books, 1.5 weeks (to the Low Land) Amayo and Stewart, "Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras" and Samelson, "Notes on Lie algebras", April 14 2003, from "Wissenschaftliches Antiquariat Dr. Martin Sändig GmbH"
Zubal BooksIt's cheaper to order directly from them then through amazon. As of Dec 26, 2004, contact form on their site was broken and no email address was specified anywhere. Don't answer emails. Search on the site is not reliable. 13$ for the first book + 5$ for each additional book, 8-9 days (to the Low Land) Bell & Slomson, Models and Ultraproducts, Dec 26 2004

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