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PhD and master studies in Mathematics at the University of Ostrava

We invite you for PhD and Master studies in Ostrava. Our small, but dynamic and dedicated faculty include experts in operator theory, quaternionic and Clifford analysis, fractional calculus and fractional differential equations with applications to probability, continued fractions, questions of irrationality and transcendence, matrix theory with applications to statistics, and Lie and other nonassociative algebras. We can offer supervision in these and many other branches of analysis, number theory, algebra, mathematical physics, and applied mathematics.

Students accepted for a PhD program are guaranteed a monthly stipend of 11,250 CZK, and a subsidized dormitory. Further support for participation in school and conferences, and for other scientific activity is possible subject availability of funding.

The University of Ostrava in particular, and Ostrava in general, currently undergo a boost aiming to put the town on the scientific, cultural, and business map of Europe. Theaters, museums, libraries, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, all kind of cultural and sport events are abound. The cityscape of Ostrava is unique, featuring a combination of a typical Central European town center with Gothic, Neo Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture, rural landscape with rivers, hills, and a medieval castle, and grotesque industrial installations from the coal mining era turned into cultural facilities. Ostrava is located at the heart of Europe. Brno, Budapest, Dresden, Krakow, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and many other places, attractive mathematically and/or touristically, are within short distance.

We especially welcome Ukrainian students. There are special university programs for support of Ukrainian students.

Please contact pasha.zusmanovich@osu.cz for informal inquiries.

Created: Fri Apr 29 2022
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