GAP code

Accompanying GAP code to the paper On simple 15-dimensional Lie algebras in characteristic 2.    defines the 15-dimensional simple Skryabin algebra defines some simple Lie algebras of characteristic 2 from the Eick paper computes the sandwich subalgebra of a Lie algebra routines to determine tori in a restricted Lie algebra wrappers for Meataxe determines toral elements of the Skryabin algebra, their centralizers, tori of maximal dimension, whether they form a Cartan subalgebra, and whether the corresponding root space decompostions are thin

Compute the dimension of the sandwich subalgebras of Lie algebras in question:
Read ("");
Read ("");
Read ("");
Dimension (SandwichSubalgebra (SkryabinAlgebra (0, 0, GF(2))));
Dimension (SandwichSubalgebra (Eick7));
Dimension (SandwichSubalgebra (Eick8));

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