... написал два трактата о числах. Ими доволен вполне. Удалось вывести две теоремы, потом опровергнуть их, потом опровергнуть опровержение, а потом снова опровергнуть. На этом основании удалось вывести еще две теоремы... Выводы оказались столь неожиданные, что я, благодаря им, стал сильно смахивать на естественного мыслителя. Да вдобавок еще естественного мыслителя из города Курска. Скоро мне будет как раз к лицу заниматься квадратурой круга или трисекцией угла. Деятельность малограмотного ученого всегда была мне приятна.
Д. Хармс, из письма к А.И. Пантелееву, 10 августа 1932 г.
Pasha Zusmanovich

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papers and manuscripts

The versions of the texts posted here (if any) are preferrred over the published ones, as they usually incorporate minor mathematical, typographical, and linguistic corrections. arXiv versions are not updated anymore.

[42]  A variant of Baer's theorem, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, to appear; arXiv:2303.14749

[41]  Mathematicians going east, J. Humanistic Math. 14 (2024), no.1, 114-167   TeX

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[36]  (with Viktor Lopatkin) Commutative Lie algebras and commutative cohomology in characteristic 2, Communications in Contemporary Mathematics 23 (2021), no.5, 2050046 [Zentralblatt]   pdf TeX

[35]  (with Arezoo Zohrabi) On Hermitian and skew-Hermitian matrix algebras over octonions, Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics 28 (2021), no.1, 108-122 [Zentralblatt]   pdf TeX   GAP code for constructing those algebras (not mentioned in the paper)

[34]  On regular Lie algebras, Communications in Algebra 49 (2021),no.3, 1104-1119; arXiv:2211.06640 [Zentralblatt]

[33]  (with Arezoo Zohrabi) A \(\delta\)-first Whitehead Lemma, Journal of Algebra 573 (2021), 476-491; arXiv:2211.06645 [Zentralblatt]

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[31]  (with Abdenacer Makhlouf) Ado theorem for nilpotent Hom-Lie algebras, International Journal of Algebra and Computation 29 (2019), no.7, 1343-1365; arXiv:1807.10944 [Zentralblatt]

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[26]  Special and exceptional mock-Lie algebras, Linear Algebra and its Applications 518 (2017), 79-96 [Zentralblatt]   pdf TeX   Albert program used in the paper

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[24]  On the last question of Stefan Banach, Expositiones Mathematicae 34 (2016), no.4, 454-466; arXiv:1408.2982 [Zentralblatt]

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[19]  Lie algebras with given properties of subalgebras and elements, Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics (ed. A. Makhlouf et al.), Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 85 (2014), 99-109 [Zentralblatt]   pdf TeX

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[16]  A compendium of Lie structures on tensor products, Zapiski Nauchnykh Seminarov POMI 414 (2013) (N.A. Vavilov Festschrift), 40-81 [POMI] [mathnet.ru] = Journal of Mathematical Sciences 199 (2014), no.3, 266-288 [Zentralblatt]   pdf TeX

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  [8]  ω-Lie algebras, Journal of Geometry and Physics 60 (2010), no.6-8, 1028-1044 [Zentralblatt]   pdf TeX   Accompanying GAP code

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  [1]  A Lie algebra that can be written as a sum of two nilpotent subalgebras, is solvable, Mathematical Notes 50 (1991), no.3, 909-912; arXiv:0911.5418 [Zentralblatt]   Russian original

non-math papers

   (with L.A. Bokut et al.) Askar Serkulovich Dzhumadil'daev (on his 60th birthday), Russian Mathematical Surveys 72 (2017), no.4, 199-202 [Zentralblatt]   pdf   Russian original
   (with A. Kong et al.) Detection of sharing by descent, long-range phasing and haplotype imputation, Nature Genetics 40 (2008), no.9, 1068-1075   pdf
   (with D. Gudbjartsson et al.) Many sequence variants affecting diversity of adult human height, Nature Genetics 40 (2008), no.5, 609-615   pdf

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