Ostrava Mathematical Seminar

Past talks (2020)
March 10, 2020
Baruch Schneider (University of Ostrava)
On quantum variables
In this talk we present algebra of abstract vector and quantum variables.
June 25, 2020
Ly Hong Hai (University of Ostrava)
Spectral convergence of Neumann Laplacian on non-compact quasi-one-dimensional spaces and some geometric domains
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July 21, 2020  
Tri Truong (University of Ostrava)
On a general definition of the Hukuhara derivatives and some related problems
(Joint work with Baruch Schneider and Linh Nguyen). The analysis on the time scales is a fairly new area of research. It was introduced in 1988 by Stefan Hilger and his Ph.D. supervisor Bernd Aulbach [1,2]. In this talk, we consider some basic concepts and fundamental properties of time scale calculus and quantum calculus. We propose a new approach being based on the use of the generalized Hukuhara derivatives. We indicate how these ideas extend to the interval-valued functions on the time scale. Some important properties of generalized delta-Hukuhara partial derivative are also discussed. Furthermore, its applications and some relating problems are mentioned.
[1] B. Aulbach and S. Hilger, A unified approach to continuous and discrete dynamics, Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations (Szeged, 1988), Colloq. Math. Soc. János Bolyai 53 (1990), 37-56.
[2] S. Hilger, Analysis on measure chains - a unified approach to continuous and discrete calculus, Results Math. 18 (1990), no. 1-2, 18-56.

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