Vyacheslav Yurchenko

Research directions in the lab

    Leishmania and such

  1. Leishmania virulent factors: in silico and functional genomics
  2. Leishmania molecular tool-box
  3. Functional genomics of trypanosomatids

  4. Catalases in Trypanosomatidae
  5. Codon reassignments and mechanisms of protein translation in Blastocrithidia spp.
  6. Novymonas, Kentomonas and evolution of endosymbiosis in trypanosomatids
  7. Telomeres of trypanosomatids
  8. dsRNA viruses in Trypanosomatidae

  9. Diversity and distribution of dsRNA viruses in Trypanosomatidae
  10. Host factors involved in dsRNA viruses maintenance
  11. Diversity of Trypanosomatidae

    RNA editing